Description of the funded project:

The project presented by BT-InnoVaChem deals with the scale-up of the bromothymol preparation process, with the aim of reducing production costs and environmental impact of the system. In particular, the activities that qualify the
project concern:

  • purchase of reactors to carry out large-scale preparation;
  • purchase of reagents and solvents;
  • expenses for exclusive licensing of the patent n° 10216000090701;
  • purchase of lab-instruments useful for the product characterization (GC-MS and autosampler for NMR spectroscopy);
  • R&D activities to further improve the production process.

The concrete objective of the project concerns the production – in an efficient, sustainable and economical way – of a new and effective antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic agent, such as bromothymol, so that it can be included
in the antimicrobial compounds market and it can be competitive compared to the other active ingredients already used.


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