We developed a new, efficient, economical and low environmental impact process for the preparation of bromotimol (BT). Biological tests showed BT antibacterial action up to 15 times higher than thymol, one of the most naturally-occurring antiseptic agents in the industry.




The technology we have developed enables us to efficiently and sustainably produce a powerful antibacterial agent that can be used in multiple products sold in a wide variety of markets. Among the main applications can be mentioned: liquid for surface disinfection (also at hospital level), beekeeping products, medical products (such as medicines for respiratory infections, expectorants or for onychomycosis), products for personal and home care.


  • High antimicrobic efficiency
  • Low toxicity for human and environment
  • Sustainable and efficient synthesis

  • Soap, mouthwash and detergents
  • Antimicrobial in all home hygiene products
  • Antifungal for both mycoses (enamels) and for mildew (paints and paint)