BT-InnoVaChem is an innovative and emerging science-based university spin-off, in the field of antimicrobial chemicals. The ever-increasing bacterial and fungal resistance to common antimicrobial agents is highlighting the urgent need to develop new active ingredients to treat infections caused by resistant pathogens.

To this purpose, BT-InnoVaChem offers a novel and green technology for the production at industrial level of a new and efficient antimicrobial agent called bromothymol (BT), that is still unused.

The key success factors for the introduction of this innovation are:

  • higher BT antimicrobial efficacy (up to 15 times) and lower toxicity than other active ingredients;
  • efficency of the production process;
  • low environmental impact
  • the know-how and patent.

Despite its promising features, BT is still not used in industries because of its high price and not-acceptable purity, that make it unsuitable in biomedical applications. However, BT-InnoVaChem business idea deals with production and marketing of bromothymol, obtained through its innovative, highly efficient and low-cost process.

The team is composed by young researchers and professors in Chemical Sciences, Managment and Industrial Engineering from University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, covering all the necessary skills.